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AZERRO International Fashion Manufacturer

AZERRO - high quality clothing manufacturer


From design and development to pattern making and manufacturing, Azerro delivers customer focused services. We have the know-how to offer our helping hand in every stage of the manufacturing process.

We deliver high quality, faultless products on time in full accordance with customer specifications, due to our professional approach, experience, and keen eye for detail.

If requested by our customers, we have the capacity to offer very short production delivery times.

Our capabilities in design and manufacturing are reflected in the strongly forged relationships with our clients that are further sustained by our consistent care and attention to every production piece.

Azerro’s continuous evolution and progress will guarantee that the garments developed and manufactured by us, will continuously find their place amongst the best products hitting the international fashion stores!


Azerro is one of the leading companies developing and manufacturing for some of the best fashion designers and clothing companies in The Netherlands and in the rest of Europe.

We are known as a high quality fashion manufacturer of all types of gaments for women and men. Our main production consists of garments in the high segment. Besides that we also offer middle and low segment production for the volume market.

Since 1983 we nowdays have years of production experience and have become an established name in the international fashion industry, providing the sample collections, sale samples, show collections, and the entire production for several well-known designers and clothing companies.


The Netherlands

van der Heijdenlaan 96
3705 EJ Zeist
The Netherlands


Drum European E85 100/A
Sat Potirnichesti
Com. Posta Calnau
127488 | Buzau | Romania
+ 40 (0) 733 078 597