AZERRO is one of the leading manufacturing companies which produces clothing for some of the best designers and fashion companies in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

AZERRO provides client-oriented services. In our own factory located in Buzau, Romania, we have the knowledge and ability to offer assistance in any stage of the production process.

We are aware that even if thousands of items are produced, they are sold individually in the stores. For this reason, we guarantee that every single piece is produced with utmost care and attention.

The continuous evolution of AZERRO will guarantee that garments produced in collaboration with us will always find their place amongst the best products hitting the international fashion stores!

  • Factory within the EU (Buzau, Romania).
  • Very short production lead times.
  • Possibility of several deliveries per week.
  • Very high production quality.
  • Men’s as well as women’s clothing.
  • Communication in Dutch or English.

Who We Are ?

AZERRO was founded in 1983 as a clothing manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey.  Soon a substantial client base was built, and partnerships were established with leading fashion companies. AZERRO helped them with the development and the entire production process.

AZERRO decided in 1992 to continue its activities in the Netherlands. Under the name AZER FASHION it has built relationships with several designers and fashion companies. As AZER FASHION, we assisted our clients in developing the collections, patterns, shoot samples and smaller production series.

At the end of 2007, in order to better meet the needs of its growing clients, AZERRO decided to relocate its production facilities to Buzau, Romania.

Romania was the ideal choice for a variety of reasons, but there were two main aspects for which Romania was chosen as a new production base:

  • The simple import and export of materials and products due to its EU membership.
  • It enabled AZERRO to maintain short delivery times and low delivery costs throughout Europe thanks to its central location.

What We Do ?

AZERRO works in very close collaboration with its clients. This ensures that the garments are promoted in wear ability and quality.

We work with a GERBER system, conversion from/to other systems is possible.

The use of the latest technologies, which are always up-to-date, helps us and our clients maintain position at the top of the fashion industry.

AZERRO produces all types of clothing

  • Couture
  • Ready-to-wear
  • Casual
  • Business
  • Industrial clothing

What differences us from other producers is our uncompromising approach to the quality of our production.  With us you can expect a constant professional service where your products will be delivered very quickly.


As the need and demand for high-quality clothing increases, there is more and more emphasis on the quality of production in the evolving fashion market.

Our main mission is to produce high-quality garments with a client-oriented approach. To be able to offer the quality that meets the expectations of our clients, we use the most up-to-date technologies and we perform constant, very strict quality controls.

Attention to quality is guaranteed throughout the entire production process. Our own quality checks are among the strictest in the entire fashion industry.

AZERRO produces from its own production facilities in Buzau, Romania. We do not work with other contractors or third parties. Because of this we are proud of the garments that have been developed and produced in collaboration with us.


AZERRO produces single pieces, sample collections, smaller series and larger numbers. We have no minimum for production. We produce both, a single piece and thousands of pieces, all with the same keen eye for detail.

Ethıcal Code

AZERRO is an ethically and socially responsible company. We ensure that all our activities strictly comply with our ethical trade policy. In this way we guarantee that all our activities are in complete accordance with European legislation.


  • Does not use forced labor.
  • Does not use child labor.
  • Promotes diversity and equal opportunities and does not tolerate discrimination on the work floor or when recruiting.
  • Creates opportunities within the company for women, disabled and minorities.
  • Guarantees that its employees do not have excessive working hours.
  • Offers a hygienic and safe working environment.
  • Invests through continuous in-house training.
  • Protects the environment.

AZERRO is located close to the city of Buzau, a short distance from the capital Bucharest, and offers a large complex that also offers possibilities for the storage of fabrics and ready-made products. The location on the European road E85 offers us logistical advantages.


DN E85 100/A
+40 733 078 597